About Us

Griffco Recovery LLC was founded in 2014. We saw an opportunity to help individual creditors get something for their old judicial judgments while holding the debtors accountable. We saw that the vast majority of judgments that were never getting paid were between individuals for personal reasons. Here at Griffco Recovery LLC we understand the reality of the judicial judgment world and know that if you have not gotten anything for a few years then you most likely will never receive anything going forward. You can have part of something or a hundred percent of nothing. We purchase judgments from original creditors then we exhaust almost every way possible to effectuate the judgment. Over the years we have identified the most effective ways to get money out of a judgment.


The most satisfying thing we get to experience at Griffco Recovery LLC is to give something to the original creditor for their judgment. Every judgment has a back story. Every judgment has emotion, expense, and time invested into it.


Our Company motto is Half of Nothing is Still Nothing. 

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