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We are currently processing judgments in South Dakota


We are located in Bon Homme County


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Alvin D. (Sioux Falls) SD 

"I own rental properties, and am retired. One of my judgments was coming up on 10 years old and Griffco called me. My attorney advised me to sign my judgment over to them. After a couple months I started getting a check sent to me. I have been receiving checks for about a year now."

Minnehaha County


David & Judy G. (Meadow) SD 

"A couple years back we got a phone call from Griffco. They informed us that they were confident they could collect money on our $75k judgment. We went and got our documents notarized and mailed off to them. We just received our 21st payment of $125 per month. We are supposed to get it till 2022." I know its not the full amount and that is unfortunate, but its better than nothing."

Perkins County


Darlenes S. (Springfield) SD 

"I had a judgment from 1999. I was asking an attorney friend of mine if there was anything I could do? He told me about Griffco Recovery. He said that they were collecting money on a couple judments for him. I was skeptical. The person who owed me the money lived in North Dakota. I signed some papers and a few months later I got a check for $1400.00! I also receive $96.00 per month for 18 months. In 2019 my judgment would have expired. I was so happy to get this money because I am elderly and on a fixed income."

Turner County


Donald M. (Sioux Falls) SD 

"Griffco Recovery called us up wanting to know about a judgment I got in 2004. I was still very upset about the judgement. A young man I knew duped me and my wife. I lent him money because he was desperate. He never paid us, and he lied to us. Griffco dealt with his lawyers and held there feet to the fire. After a few months of back and forth with his lawyers they agreed to pay a settlement." I was happy with what I got because after heart ache and 10 years I was happy to have some sort of piece of mind."

Minnehaha County


Rahn & Ruth P. (Springfield) SD 

"A lady owed us money. We knew where she worked and sunk a bunch of money into trying to get her to pay us through a couple lawyers that for some reason could'nt collect from her employer. A friend told us about Griffco. They have gotten us $1700 of our $1800 judgment. We still have over $200 coming to us. I saw some of the paperwork they had to do to get the money and am glad I went to them, plus I love that I did'nt have to pay anything to them up front they paid everything."

Bon Homme County


Kim L. (Jacksonville) FL

"Back in 2014 I got a call from Will at Griffco back in South Dakota. He was interested in my judgment and seemed to know a lot about my debtor. I told him I was never paid. He said that he could'nt pin point him what exactly he was doing at that time. In 2016 I emailed them and asked if he had anything new on him. They said that they found him. I gave them my judgment. I now get $120-$240 per month for about a year now." I called a collection agency in South Dakota and they wanted me to pay them a percentage of the judgment up front, and they were going to call and mail letters to the debtor. I am very happy with my decision"

Yankton County


Richard T. (Sioux Falls) SD

"I got a phone call from Griffco in the fall of 2016. I called them back and they were asking me about this lady that owed me over $12k. I did'nt trust them at first. It all sounded too good to be true. After some back and forth conversations and re-assurance from Griffco I decided to do the deal as my attorney informed me it was a good deal and that time runs out on these things. Not three months went by and I get this check in the mail. We were worried she was going to file bankruptcy so Griffco worked out a payment plan. I now get at least $100 per month."

Minnehaha County


Darryl T. (Sioux Falls) SD

"Griffco called me at my work number asking about a judgment I had from 2009. They said they were certain they could collect something on it. They informed me that our debtor paid them for another judgment they collected on and that they already knew her and worked with her. I looked over the agreement and figured what the heck. I now get about $225 per month. I also had them look into two other judgments I had against other tenants. In a matter of minutes Griffco was able to find out one of our debtors had passed away sometime back and that the other had filed bankruptcy, despite us never being served anything notifying us that our judgment was going to be discharged, but what do you do. Griffco even sent us the documents supporting this for free because we had a previous business relationship! I now contact them before I take anyone to small claims court, and assign them all my judgments right off the bat. I also referred other real estate agents to Griffco and I now get a referral percentage of any money recoverd through those people! Its a pretty good deal. 

Minnehaha County


Please Note

The last names of these customers were witheld. Everything we do here at Griffco Recovery LLC is either public record now, or will be in the future. You as a consumer can easily go and fact check our files and just see how good we really are. If you are skeptical and are having doubts about us then look us up. 

I know at first you may think we cant collect your money and you are not alone. Every SINGLE creditor featured in this testimonial section thought that too. 

William F. Paulson (Owner)