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Griffco Recovery LLC
401 E 8th St 
Suite 214-764
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Phone: 605-610-3020

We are currently processing judgments in South Dakota


We are located in Bon Homme County


What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


leave us a message 24/7 


we will try to get back to you as soon as possible 


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We are currently looking to fill the following positions below

Account Executives 

Griffco Recovery LLC is looking for Account Executives.


This job would require you to call creditors/plaintiffs of judgments and convince them to assign or sell them to us. You would also have to do an incidental amount of research/investigative work. 


This is a performance based position. (Independent Contractor)


The $10000-$85000 are examples of what you can make. 


The compensation is as follows: 

You will be paid between 15%-20% of all money collected from judgments that you get assigned to Griffco Recovery LLC. (15%-20% gross)

This money is still paid to you for some time even if you were to depart ways from us later down the line. (Passive Income) 


Griffco Recovery LLC has been around over 5 years now. We need more Account Executives. 


You do not need any experience for this job.


You will live on the phone. The beauty about what we do is we really dont have any competition. You will be calling people in South Dakota and soon other states who own judgments. A lot of the times they are people who may forget they even own a judgment against someone. We are typically the only people they will ever hear from when it comes to their judgments. 


You have to be good and convincing on the phone and show up. 

This position can be done from your home if you want. I would prefer you perform your duties at our Springfield SD location. We have a work space with your own desk and computer and phone to perform these duties.


Currently South Dakota has over 900k judgments. 


We are very lax in our operations. I have a philosophy I hope you can appreciate. 


You dress how you want to dress. You do not need any education what so ever for this. You do not need some hard to get licenses to do this. You set your own hours. We do not drug test. You do not need a special certification for this. 


If you want to own a piece of a growing company and build a passive income then I suggest you apply. (send resume)


Our ideal outcome is we fill this position. You help build Griffco Recovery LLC and build yourself a passive income then get you into a supervisory position. 


Reach out to us if you are interested. 


email: griffcorecovery@gmail.com

office: 605-610-3020

website: www.griffcorecovery.com