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We are currently processing judgments in South Dakota


We are located in Bon Homme County


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South Dakota has 939,406 judgments

As of 05/08/20


We try to recover your outstanding judgments.  



We started this business because there isn't anyone offering these niche options in your area.

If someone came to you and said "I want to give you money for an old judgment."

How would you feel about that?

We hold the debtor that owes you money accountable. 


We get your unrecoverd outstanding judgment money by some of the following LEGAL tactics:


1. Garnishing Wages- Send a garnishment order to your debtors employer.

2. Levying Bank Accounts- Serve a levy on the debtors bank account. Bank will freeze the debtors account 

3. Real Estate lien(s)- Issue a transcript to the county where your debtor has real estate located then paying that counties register of deeds to place a lien on the debtors property. This could later be used to have the sherriff force a sale of this property as well.

4. Automobile lien(s)/ reposession- Placing a lien on the debtors automobile or other mechanical assets / doing a forced sale on the debtors assets. (boats, machinery, air crafts etc.)

5. Levying Tax Refunds (child support ONLY)- File federal documents through the IRS to levy upon the debtors tax refund with proof of owed child support monies.

6. Levying Security Deposits- Having other creditors or land lords served with court orders requiring they revert the payments to us. (assignment orders)

7. Garnishing 3rd party payments- Send a sherriff or process server an assigment order to attorneys who may be executors of estates (trust funds). OR a company of whom the debtor is a contracted employee for. 

8. Business income seizure- Send a sherriff or process server to serve an assignment order to the debtors customers or clients to pay us instead (assignment order).

9. Reporting your owed debt on the debtors credit report- Sending a copy of the debtors judgment to the credit reporting agencies to show proof of debt with request of submission.

10. Doing a judgment debtor examination- Send a sherriff or process server to serve a notice to appear. 


Want to know more about our business and the judgment buy out options we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to giving you some peace of mind!

In loving memory of Brian Kelley (Bruce)

In loving memory of F.R. Griffin (Gramps)